Thursday, April 26, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War: "Remember" TV Spot; "The Marvel Bunch" sing along; and Iron Spider suit coming to "Spider-Man PS4"

As avenging already begins in international territories and the US getting tomorrow, Marvel Studios has released new promotional videos for "Avengers: Infinity War" that should sweeten those taste buds and hype up the action for the much anticipated superhero sequel that seems almost all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe converge together in one film!

Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War -- "Remember" TV Spot

And over at The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, the cast sing "The Marvel Bunch" ala "Brady Bunch".

Avengers: Infinity War Cast Sings "The Marvel Bunch"

And for those waiting for the Spider-Man PS4 game this September, the "Iron Spider" suit from the film is confirmed!
Marvel's Spider-Man - Iron Spider Suit Revealed | PS4

Avengers: Infinity War is now playing in theaters internationally, and opens in the US tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War: See the premiere highlights via official photos and The Upcoming's video

As the world FINALLY BRACES for the release of one of the most anticipated superhero movies ever made, Marvel Studios and the cast of "Avengers: Infinity War" were on deck to see the worldwide premiere ... And what a sight it was. Check out pictures from the premiere via the official Facebook page, as well as this awesome highlight video via The Upcoming.

Avengers Infinity War premiere highlights

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters TODAY internationally and April 27th in the US!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Venom: Sony releases brand new CinemaCon trailer online

After giving lucky attendees of CinemaCon 2018 a look at what's to come for the new feature film based on one of Spider-Man's greatest enemies, Sony Pictures and Marvel have released the full new trailer to "Venom" - which stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock and details the reporters down on luck journey to become the "Lethal Protector" that comic book fans have come to love for the past 30 years!

UPDATE: Care of the official Venom Facebook page, here 's the new poster too!

After not seeing a glimpse of the Symbiote in action... We finally get that as well as Hardy conversing and becoming the character in this new trailer!

VENOM - Official Trailer
Venom hits theaters this October!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel will take place around the world according to Kevin Feige

As the world prepares for the arrival of the big Marvel Cinematic Universe convergence film that is "Avengers: Infinity War" this week, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has confirmed to io9 that the sequel will be happening across the globe - giving Tom Holland's Peter Parker and his alter ego quite the "field trip" that's reminiscent of his time travelling to Germany during the events of "Captain America: Civil War".

"We start filming early July,” Feige said. “We film in London. We shot first film in Atlanta. And we shoot a lot of films in London but there’s another reason we’re shooting in London which is, yes, Spidey, of course, will spend some time in New York, but he’ll spend some time in other parts of the globe.”

Looks like our favorite webslinging hero's going to have his hands full after dealing with Thanos alongside Mr. Stark and crew. For more details, visit io9!

Avengers: Infinity War will be released on April 25th internationally and April 27th in the US.
The untitled Spider-Man sequel hits on July 5, 2019 - beginning "Phase Four" of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Deadpool 2: "Don't Be Rude" promo released

Set to be released at the middle of next month and already having a "Final Trailer" out online, 20th Century Fox, Marvel, and Cinepolis have teamed up to release a new promo for "Deadpool 2" that sees The Merc With A Mouth, played once again by Ryan Reynolds, in the movies and being quite rude to other viewers while enjoying watching his own film.

DEADPOOL 2 Don't Be Rude Trailer

Deadpool hits theaters on May 16!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War: Avengers Vs Black Order fight, Shuri saves Vision clips released

It won 't be long now and it's just a couple of days left until Earth's Mightiest Heroes kick into high gear with next week's epic launch of "Avengers: Infinity War" in theaters worldwide, but it seems that come clips have been released already online to tease the big things coming in the film. You can consider these as SPOILERS immediately, so view them at your own risk!

Friday, April 20, 2018

First Trailer for "Godzilla: The City Mechanized For Final Battle" released

After bringing their "King of Monsters" to anime movie form last year with "Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters" (aka "Godzilla: Monster Planet" and is streaming in Netflix), Toho has released the very first trailer for the follow up in the Godzilla anime trilogy called "Godzilla: The City Mechanized For Final Battle". Following the events of the first film, the human survivors who returned to Earth to reclaim the planet from Godzilla see themselves allying with natives who have lived on the planet... With the key to defeating the Big G lying with Mechagodzilla!

Godzilla: The City Mechanized For Final Battle Trailer

Godzilla: The City Mechanized For Final Battle will be released in Japan on May 18, before making its way to Netflix eventually!