Sunday, January 21, 2018

Action Comics #1000 will feature the return of Superman's classic look and red trunks

The month of April will be a MILESTONE for DC Comics and comic history in general, as not only will Action Comics - the series that introduced the heroic character of Superman - count to its thousandth issue, but also mark the return of the heroes iconic classic costume! Yes, the red trunks will be returning to the Big Blue Boy Scout's wardrobe, and here it is above as drawn by none other than DC co-publisher and artist extraordinaire Jim Lee! The red trunks and classic costume were removed back in 2011 when DC Entertainment launched "The New 52" and rebooted most of its history, but eventually started bringing back elements of established continuity with "DC Rebirth" in 2016. Now Superman is returning to the look that defines him best - and that's great news for fans of the Man of Steel.

Action Comics #1000 will also feature the DC Comics' debut of Brian Michael Bendis, who will write a 10-page back up story for the issue with art by Jim Lee! The issue goes on sale on April 10 both at retail and digital. For more information, check out Superherohype's feature on the landmark title!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay trailer and release date details revealed

Lined up as the next DC Universe Movie to come in home video and digital after this month's "Batman: Gotham By Gastlight", Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment have released the trailer and details (via Superherohype) to "Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay" - which features the return of Amanda Waller's Task Force X - consisting of Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, and others who are racing to find a mysterious mystical object with their lives on the line.

"Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay" - Trailer

Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay hits digital on March 27 and home video such as Blu-Ray and DVD on April 10!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Justice League: Digital and Home Video details and release dates revealed

After three months since the film was released in theaters and left fans divided over the overall presentation of the movie, Warner Bros. and DC Films have officially revealed the details and release dates for the digital and home video releases of "Justice League" - the fifth entry in the "DC Extended Universe" and one that finally unites heroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman in the big screen for the first time in live-action.

Via IGN, the film will be released digitally on February 13. Those looking forward to the 4K, Blu-Ray, and DVD releases will get it a month afterwards on March 13. There will be no extended edition sadly (despite fan petitions for a Snyder cut), instead there will be the usual assortment of special features and a couple of deleted scenes that were not included in the theatrical release. More specifics can be read up at IGN if you need a blow by blow of what's included, as well as the price guide for physical releases like the Blu-Ray combo pack seen above.

JUSTICE LEAGUE Official Blu-Ray Trailer

Also, here's the Blu-Ray trailer in case you need a tease of what's to come.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Arrow: Season 6 Mid-Season Extended Trailer released

After the fallout of the midseason finale that saw his team divided and Cayden James uniting with a team of villains to take out Oliver Queen's crusade and Star City, The CW has released a new "Mid-Season Trailer" highlighting what to expect when "Arrow" returns this week - featuring Green Arrow and his two original allies in John Diggle and Felicity working by themselves and alienating Wild Dog, the new Black Canary, and Mister Terrific, while Cayden James, Black Siren, and the rest of their associates take advantage of the situation and wild cards like Vigilante move in and cause more trouble for Mayor Queen and the city he has sworn to protect.

Arrow | Mid Season Extended Trailer | The CW

Arrow's sixth season returns to The CW starting this Thursday, January 18.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition: Launch Trailer released

Now out and giving a better version of the game that's more polished and has a ton of more content to play and choose from, Capcom has released "Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition" into the wild... And now here's a launch trailer to point out what you can expect and see if you haven't gotten the game yet!

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition - Launch Trailer

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is now available for PS4 and PC!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition announced for March 2018

With the game over a year old and already selling over 7 million copies worldwide, Square Enix has gone to the next step and officially announced a rerelease for Final Fantasy XV featuring all of the expanded DLC content and then some. Titled "Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition" and as detailed by the official website of the game - the package will feature a new dungeon, first person mode, control of the Royal Vessel, and all season pass content previously offered for the game.


Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition will be released on March 6 for consoles and PC.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War: Chris Evans seemingly confirms the "Nomad" identity for Steve Rogers

The new year is proceeding along nicely as far as movie buzz and news is concerned, and with that Marvel Studios is concentrating on bringing their biggest stars and heroes together with "Avengers: Infinity War" - which reunites Earth's Mightiest Heroes together after going through separate paths and battles - as well as the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with personalities like Doctor Strange and the Guardians of the Galaxy as they battle the Infinity Stones collecting tyrant known as Thanos!

Via Instagram user mkgschulte (and Comic Book Movie) it appears that Captain America actor Chris Evans has seemingly confirmed through an autograph that the bearded Steve Rogers that will be appearing in Infinity War will go under the name "Nomad" - following his comic book character's one time path and assumption of a different identity after letting go of the star-spangled identity he is best known for. After the events of 2016's "Captain America: Civil War", Steve Rogers relinquished his shield and alter ego of Cap after Tony Stark/ Iron Man stated that "You don't deserve it. My father made that shield" following their battle for the life of Bucky Barnes/ The Winter Soldier. Since then, Steve has disappeared and gone into hiding - but he will undoubtedly answer Tony's call if he is needed, and it looks like the time will come soon enough when Thanos arrives to search for the Infinity Stones.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on April/ May 2018.